Maintaining rural water services

  • Repair and maintenance of rural water infrastructure for schools, health facilities and communities.
  • Operation and Management of Community Water Schemes
  • Development and Rehabilitation of Water Infrastructure including boreholes, wells, pumping systems, reservoirs, pipelines and kiosks
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Development Informatics

  • Design of research and management including questionnaire design, field work services and data consultancy

>> Socio-economic and poverty Surveys
>> Agriculture and Farmers Surveys
>> Livelihoods studies

  • Continuous monitoring of socio-economic and livelihood indicators
  • High frequency monitoring and evaluation of development projects and interventions

Innovation and technology

  • Design, supply and installation of smart meters
  • Installation and management of water ATMs
  • Database design and management for water services and poverty metrics
  • GIS and Remote Sensing