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Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services

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Rural Water Service Sustainability

Rural Water Service Sustainability

Our services primarily focus on repair and maintenance of water infrastructure serving communities, schools and health facilities. We apply the insurance logic by offering services at scale in areas where we work to reduce financial risks. This enables us to charge rural users a small fraction of the actual costs of fixing a breakdown. We enter into performance-based contracts with users and governments and always ensure that breakdowns are professionally fixed immediately they occur to guarantee a reliable water service.

Recent Projects

Our repair and maintenance service is benefiting over 100 handpumps and 27 piped schemes serving communities, schools and health facilities in rural Kwale and Kitui Counties. This has translated to reliable water access to over 60,000 people in rural Kenya, including more than 64 primary and secondary schools with a student population of over 15,000 pupils.

  • Operation and Management of Water Schemes

We offer professional management services for water schemes through bespoke operator contracts. Our services include the operation of water treatment works, pumping stations, water supply network including repairs and maintenance and management of billing, revenue collection and human resource among others.

  • Development and Rehabilitation of Water Schemes

We boast a team of qualified Water Engineers and Management Specialists with rich experience in design, review and implementation of water supply infrastructure projects. This includes design and installation of boreholes, grid pumping systems, solar pumping systems, water treatment units, storage tanks, pipe network and accessories etc.

Recent Projects

Ikathima Community Piped Scheme

FundiFix partnered with the Sharewater Foundation in 2018, to rehabilitate and optimise Ikathima Community Piped Scheme in Kitui County. The works involved the expansion of solar water pumping, installation of a Water ATM and rehabilitation of the water kiosk. Sharewater also supported 6 months of repair and maintenance service provision at the scheme by FundiFix, leading to reliable water access to over 3,000 people.

Musavani water project rehabilitation

FundiFix partnered with the Sharewater Foundation in 2018 to rehabilitate the Musavani Piped Scheme in Kitui County. Implementation is ongoing and the work package includes: expansion of the Solar PV generator, rehabilitation of the community standpipe and the installation of a water ATM to allow 24/7 access to water.