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About FundiFix Limited

Kenyan owned and operated, FundiFix Ltd offers installation, preventative maintenance and repair services to handpumps, solar pumps systems, piped water schemes and smart water systems. It was established in 2014 and is committed to offering high quality services to rural communities, schools, health facilities and institutions. The company also provides smart services where key performance indicators are tracked at high frequency as well as monitoring and evaluation of welfare and livelihoods to provide a holistic understanding of the impact of improved rural water services.

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FundiFix - a business model for sustainable rural water supply

A video from Oxford University showing the latest developments in our work on rural water sustainability in Kwale County, Kenya.

What we do



Client Base

Hand pumps maintained by FundiFix.
small piped water schemes maintained by FundiFix.

Repair time

0 %
of all reported breakdowns repaired in3 days
0 %
of all reported handpump breakdowns repaired in 3 days

Volume supplied

0 Million
+ litres of drinking water supplied yearly by rural water infrastructure maintained by FundiFix.

People served

+ people in rural communities have access to a safe and reliable drinking water service.

Schools served

primary and secondary schools, with 25,000 pupils, have access to a safe and reliable drinking water service.

The Rural Water Supply Challenge

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development commits UN Member States to take bold and transformative steps to;

>> Shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path
>> Realize the human rights of all
>> End poverty in all its forms
>> Ensure ‘no one will be left behind
Globally, in 2017, 628 million of the 785 million people who still spent more than 30 minutes per day collecting water used unimproved sources or surface water lived in rural areas.

In Kenya, one in two people living in rural Kenya lack access to a basic water services and one in three people rely on surface water for drinking needs.

High non-functionality of rural water supply infrastructure is a major drag on drinking water access and country-wide statistics show that 24% of the rural water points are not working at any given time. To achieve Kenya’s goal of ensuring universal access to basic water services by year 2030, new models of rural water service delivery are required. FundiFix Model is an approach for preventive maintenance and repair of rural water infrastructure to guarantee 24/7 functionality.